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TAL-Dub.zip (windows vst 32bit host)
TAL-Dub-x64.zip (windows vst 64bit host)
TAL-Dub.vst.zip (osx vst 32bit host)
TAL-Dub.component.zip (osx audio unit 32bit host)

TAL-Dub is a vintage style delay effect. It can be used for a wide range of delay effects from clean to extreme distorted, resonating never ending delays :-)


  • 12dB resonance filter
  • Low cut filter
  • Maximal 4 Seconds delay time
  • Limiter with distortion for rising feedbacks or loud inputs
  • Delay time and feedback for each channel (linkable)
  • Input signal swap (L/R swap)
  • Filter feedback and filter fx mode (filter in feedback path or as post fx)
  • Filter mode for input (input signal will be filtered too)
  • Easy to use midi learn





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TAL-Dub-2.zip (windows vst 32bit host)
TAL-Dub-2-x64.zip (windows vst 64bit host)
TAL-Dub-2.vst.zip (osx vst 32bit host)
TAL-Dub-2.component.zip (osx audio unit 32bit host, updated 28.05.2012)

TAL-DUB-II is an extended version of TAL-Dub-I with a completely new sound engine. A 4x oversampled distortion stage allows to add vintage distortion to the delayd signal, but its also possible to make clean delays.
A sinus LFO has the possibility to modulate delay time and low pass filter cutoff. Adjustable LFO stereo width is also included.
An analog sounding 6dB low pass filter with resonance and a 3dB high cut filter are also parts of TAL-DUB-II. Different routing options open a wide range of possibilities.


  • Synced delay times (1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1/1, 2/1 and trippled and dotted notes).
  • 4x oversampled distortion stage.
  • VU-Meter shows gain reduction.
  • LFO (low pass cutoff and delay modulation, stereo width).
  • 6dB resonance low pass filter.
  • 3dB high pass filter.
  • Midi learn for all pots.
  • 20 factory presets.
  • Documentation.

Special thanks to Flemming Bloch from Mindless Studio for testing and user interface optimation.






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TAL-Dub-3.zip (windows vst 32bit host)
TAL-Dub-3-x64.zip (windows vst 64bit host)
TAL-Dub-3.vst.zip (osx vst 32bit host) Not compatible with OSX 10.10 Yosemite
TAL-Dub-3.component.zip (osx audio unit 32bit host)

TAL-DUB-III is an easy to use delay device with some special features. Its no tape delay emulation and has its own sound. It has an alias free saturation stage, a non-linear 6dB low pass and a 3dB high pass filter that are included in the feedback path of the device. An input drive knob allows to adjust the saturation level. Pop-up menues show the current values of volume, delay-time and feedback knobs. A tab button allowing to adjust the delay time for live sessions.

  • Delay time up to 4 seconds.
  • Non linear 6dB Low-Pass filter.
  • 3dB High Pass filter.
  • Alias free stauration, adjustable with the input drive knob.
  • Delay x2 for each channel.
  • Synced delay times (1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1/1, 2/1 and trippled and dotted notes).
  • Pop-ups show the actual values dB (input drive, dry, wet), ms(delay), 0..2 (feedback)
  • Led-meter shows the sturation level.
  • Tab button for delay time.
  • Midi Learn for all knobs.
  • The feedback knob is especially optimized for doing infinite delays.

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