How do i register the product?

You should have received an email that contains the product serial. Load the plug-in and click into the actual preset name on the top of the plug-in. Choose register and paste the serial with a right click. You will find more detailed information in the manual available on the product page. 

Can i update the plug-in?

Just install the new version. Make sure that you overwrite the previous version if you update on windows. All product updates are free. You can check the plug-in version on the plug-in GUI. Make sure that you make a backup of the plugin before you update to be sure that it still works.

I haven't received a serial...

You should receive the serial a few minutes after the payment. Please check also your SPAM or Junk folder for the email. Make sure that you have disabled any special mail filters. You can always resend the serial to your email address again. Choose "Resend Serial..." on the product page for this.

I have lost my serial

You can always resend the serial to your email address again. Choose "Resend Serial..." on the product page for this.

AAX plug-in returns an authorization error...

Make sure you updated to the latest Pro-Tools 10 version, bigger or equal 10.3.6. This update is free.

How can i delete the plug-in settings?

You will find the configuration files of all our plug-ins in following folders:



You need to re-enter the serial after you have deleted the .xml configuration files.  

I can not start the application...

There is no standalone application available. You need a host application that supports VST, AU or AAX plug-ins. Examples are. Ableton Live, Cocos Reaper, Logic Pro, Garage Band or Cubase. There are also some free hosts available.

How to install TAL freeware plug-ins without an installer...

Most of our older freeware plug-ins do not have an installer. You need to copy the files manually to the right location. You will find more information about the installation in the TAL-NoiseMaker documentation:

Noisemaker documentation

Some of the older plug-ins are not available in the OSX 64bit format. 

Number of installations

You can install the product on up to five systems at the same time.

Plugin not recognized by Ableton Live

Sometimes Ableton Live does not scan new installed plugins. Please try to disable and re-enable plugin support in ableton live preferences -> Files and Folders. 

Ableton Live ignores automation when exporting wav

This happens only on a few systems. We currently don't know why. A possible fix is to macro the parameter to automate, and automate the macro.

Logic X cutoff value changes after loading session

Some available presets have an unlucky MIDI controller assigned to the cutoff frequency. Logic sets that value when loading a session. Choose "Clear MIDI mapping" from the plugins menu (click at the preset name on the top) and save the project. The problem should disappear after that.


Can not find the plugins in Pro Tools

Most of our plugins are stereo only. Please have a look under stereo effects / instruments.

Clicks and Pops in Studio One

Please make sure you have disabled MIDI Output in the plug-in settings.

MIDI Mapping

Our plugins save the MIDI mappings in the preset information and keeps them until another preset is loaded that overwrites the mapping. No other preset does overwrite the setting when "Keep MIDI Mapping" is active. A default preset with a default mapping is a good solution if you want to reuse the same mapping.  

License transferes

License transfers are possible if you bought the plugin in our own web shop. Licenses can be transferred free of charge after 9 months of ownership. 
Premature transfers are only possible for a fee of $10. We will send you a Paypal invoice in this case and transfer the license after the payment was done.
Please contact us directly (support@tal-software.com) with your Paypal email address to prove your ownership. We need the full name and the email address of the new owner.

TAL-Vocoder not working

TAL-Vocoder only works on stereo channels. Please make sure you insert it on a stereo channel. Please google to find out how to route a vocoder effect in different hosts. TAL-Vocoder also supports stereo side chain. The side chain mode is always enabled.