TAL-Dub-X released! 20.03.2017

TAL-Dub-X version 1.0.1 released! TAL-Dub-X is a remake of our popular original freeware TAL-Dub plug-in with a lot of additional features and AAX, OSX 64bit support. TAL-Dub-X is no emulation of a specific hardware delay effect and it has its own special sound. Don’t expect one of the very clean digital delays. An important part of the delay is a special saturation stage and a high quality low pass filter with resonance setting. This makes the delay suitable for endless delay effects. It’s possible to use MIDI automation to control the parameters.

  • Drive knob controls saturation.
  • High quality resonance filter..
  • High pass filter..
  • Delay time up to 2 seconds.
  • Host tempo sync.
  • TAP button.
  • Feedback and POST filter routing.
  • PING PONG mode.
  • Stereo triangle LFO modulation for delay time and resonance filter.
  • MIDI LEARN for easy automation.
  • Useful presets included.
  • Accurate meter.

Green light sensations - Sample Library 20.02.2017

Check out the new Green light sensations a Fairlight CMI IIx inspired sample library for TAL-Sampler by http://www.gprmusic.com/green-light-sensations/:

Dystopia Sound-Pack for TAL-Sampler 23.12.2016

Check out the new Dystopia Sound-Pack for TAL-Sampler:


TAL-Sampler update v1.8.5 13.12.2016

TAL-Sampler version 1.8.5 released:

  • New filter modes added (HP, BP, Notch, All Pass) (v 1.8.5).

Update: portamento sample rate issue fixed 21.11.2016

We have updated following products because of an issue with the portamento rate/time at different sample rates: TAL-NoiseMaker, TAL-Sampler, TAL-U-NO-LX, TAL-BassLine-101

Updates 14.10.2016

TAL-NoiseMaker, TAL-Sampler, TAL-U-NO-LX, TAL-BassLine-101, TAL-Chorus-LX, TAL-Reverb-4 and TAL-Vocoder-2 updated. Fixes a possible crash in TAL-Sampler and brings back compatibility with older TAL-NoiseMaker presets in cubase. We also updated the underlying base framework. This fixes a UI performance issue with OSX VST plugins in some hosts. 

TAL-Sampler update v1.8.0 15.09.2016

TAL-Sampler version 1.8.0 released:

  • Better UI performance for OSX VST (v. 1.8.0).
  • Configurable middle C octave. You will find the option in the menu. (v. 1.8.0).
  • Copy mapping feature to mapping dialog added (v. 1.7.8).
  • Fixed inaccurate waveform view in mapping dialog (v. 1.7.7).
  • Possible crash in waveform view fixed (v. 1.7.6).
  • AAX static linked for windows 7 and older (v. 1.7.6).
  • Stop playing when open UI fixed (v 1.7.5).
  • Possible crash when changing presets fixed (v 1.7.4).
  • Faster preset loading (v 1.7.4).
  • Fixes crash introduced by v 1.7.2 (v 1.7.3).
  • Dac Volume modulation fixed (v 1.7.2).
  • Remember last loaded SFZ for next button fixed (v 1.7.2).
  • DC offset in delay with feedback fixed (v 1.7.2).
  • Stereo Inverse does not work anymore fixed (v 1.7.2).
  • Import SFZ from the main menu while playing crash fixed (v 1.7.1).
  • Changing presets can lead to crash fixed (v 1.7.1).
  • Max loop size when loading a new sample and loop is not set already (v 1.7.0). 
  • Filter noise with a lot resonance reduced (v 1.7.0).
  • Loop engine improved and possible clicks removed (v 1.7.0).
  • Ping-Pong loop mode added (v 1.7.0).
  • Global velocity switch added (v 1.7.0).
  • S1000 resampler mode improved -> volume reduced at lower frequencies (v 1.7.0).
  • Change timestretch density in realtime now possible (v 1.7.0).
  • OSX 32 bit plugin performance improved (v 1.7.0).


TAL-NoiseMaker updated 09.08.2016

TAL-NoiseMaker updated to version 4.0.0. The plugin is now compatible with the latest OSX (10.11). The update also includes some minor fixes:

  • Host synced LFO also works when not playing.
  • MIDI automation issue in some hosts fixed (UI does not move knobs).
  • Can't change combo box when automation active fixed.
  • Slow automation in logic fixed.
  • Compatibility with OSX 10.11.

The plugin is still available for free!

TAL-U-NO-LX-V2 and TAL-BassLine-101 updated 03.02.2016

We have updated TAL-U-NO-LX-V2 and TAL-BassLine-101. MIDI output can be disabled now and we could fix a bug in the AAX MIDI handling:

  • Stuck MIDI notes for AAX plugin format fixed (v1.64).
  • Disable MIDI output option added (v1.63).

TAL-Sampler update v1.5.1 11.11.2015

TAL-Sampler version 1.5.1 released. This update contains bug fixes and a few user requests (more will follow):

  • Crashes when moving loop position while playing fixed (v1.51)
  • No linked loop points in small wave view. Link mode in mapping view also links loop end to loop start (v1.51).
  • Keep loop points when load a different sample (v1.51).
  • Removed clicks when modulate loop / indtroduced by version v1.50 (v1.51).
  • Microtuning file name now shows up in the menu when file is loaded (v1.5.0).
  • Possible invalid values in delay filters kills output signal fixed (v1.5.0).
  • Change filename when file selected not possible in file save dialog fixed (v1.5.0).
  • User interface updated. Better readable fonts. Mapping dialog view improvements (v1.5.0).
  • Vertical waveform zoom in mapping dialog added (v1.5.0).
  • Issue with resampler modes and visible knobs fixed (v1.5.0).
  • m4a audio file support for OSX and windows when codec is available (v 1.4.7).
  • Improved linear interpolation (v 1.4.7).
  • Clean sampling mode added (v 1.4.7).
  • Disable transpose for sample in mapping dialog added (track button) (v 1.4.7).
  • SFZ end tag support added (v 1.4.7).
  • Remember "Play when selected" in sampler instance added (v 1.4.7).
  • Phase invert in mapping dialog added (v 1.4.7).
  • Inverted sample stereo fixed. There is now a Stereo Switch option in the mapping dialog. The button is enabled for existing presets for backward compatiblity (v 1.4.7).
  • Improved waveform display for stereo samples (v 1.4.7).